Thursday, May 21, 2015

Monsieur Turner voyage en Bretagne

i've only been to brittany once. i was looking forward to foggy mornings, moody skies and roaring sees. instead i got beautiful sunshine for a week. so much for artsy photography. cloudless, peaceful, blue sky above an even more peaceful, flat sea.
somehow this motionless scenery turned out perfect for a turner-like painting, on a wooden textures. makes the sea a bit choppy, and the heather gains in thickness.
my only regret is that i took this shot with an old digital camera and thus the resolution is a bit limited. oh well, i'll have to go back there some day.

Monday, August 27, 2012

corn field at the end of summer in ontario, canada

it's getting chilly in the morning now; kids are going back to school soon. it already smells like fall... like this picture, which i shot this 6 years ago, almost to the day, when i went to canada, to newmarket to be exact. leaving in southern france, i kinda forgot how vast fields are in north america. i liked the sky a lot, very Constable-like, big tormented clouds suffocating the field below.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

moon rising

i'm not sure what time of the evening it was when i shot this but it was in june, around the solstice, at sérignan, in southern france. it wasn't easy to take it, as the light was very dim and i didn't have a tripod. but somehow i managed to take a clean photo. 

it's sober enough that one can apply many different treatments to it. i prefer this light version above, as it fits more in my turner kick right now. but i had done a completely different texturing job on it a few months ago. not quite happy about it. i think i'm gonna have to rework it someday but here it is...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

whistler in italy

shot this on a country road in the po valley, around ferrara, italy.
again, the original (below) isn't all that great but i wanted to capture the flatness of the area. it's a bit surreal there: flat, open, dusty farmland. not something you expect to see in italy. reminds me a bit of fresno and the central valley. and it is very much the same quiet, desolate and somewhat suffocating flatness which pervades luchino visconti's movie 'ossessione' (obsession). i saw that movie a few years ago, before ever going to that part of italy and somehow the landscape marked me.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


nothing better to do on a rainy sunday than a little chiaroscuro. now the difficulty with this kind of image is precisely the contrast. not all textures work well with contrasted images. at least not my textures.
the original is a long exposure photo i took, laying down aside a very small waterfall, to capture the movement of the water.

whistler in canada

i'm a big fan of james abbott mcneill whistler's work. you all know the painting of this mother, i'm sure. well i like his other stuff, his work with light, in the same vein as turner. years ago, when i was a student in boston, i saw his Harmony in blue and silver. Trouville. i thought it was pretty modern for 1865. pale bleu and yellow, a guy standing there in a long coat and a boat in the distance. lonely, empty, peaceful. (you can see it here)

not too long, i came across it again online and i thought 'wow, i've got the perfect picture for this.' i had this beach shot which i took in canada a few years back. i think it was wasaga beach but i'm not 100% sure 'see below). again, i just created a couple textures for it and voilà.... whistler in canada!

going dutch

L'Orb - Béziers, France

this is one of my favorites. it turned out pretty good, like an old dutch master's painting.
and actually, it wasn't all that complicated to make. i wrote out a little tutorial here, if you want to know more about the process.
as you can see below, the original isn't great. again, i had just received my canon 7d and i took it out for a spin. i do like to take pictures on reflections like this; reminds me of the work of atget. but here, i went too late in the afternoon and i didn't get the result i wanted. but it turned out perfect for this project.