Monday, August 27, 2012

corn field at the end of summer in ontario, canada

it's getting chilly in the morning now; kids are going back to school soon. it already smells like fall... like this picture, which i shot this 6 years ago, almost to the day, when i went to canada, to newmarket to be exact. leaving in southern france, i kinda forgot how vast fields are in north america. i liked the sky a lot, very Constable-like, big tormented clouds suffocating the field below.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

moon rising

i'm not sure what time of the evening it was when i shot this but it was in june, around the solstice, at sérignan, in southern france. it wasn't easy to take it, as the light was very dim and i didn't have a tripod. but somehow i managed to take a clean photo. 

it's sober enough that one can apply many different treatments to it. i prefer this light version above, as it fits more in my turner kick right now. but i had done a completely different texturing job on it a few months ago. not quite happy about it. i think i'm gonna have to rework it someday but here it is...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

whistler in italy

shot this on a country road in the po valley, around ferrara, italy.
again, the original (below) isn't all that great but i wanted to capture the flatness of the area. it's a bit surreal there: flat, open, dusty farmland. not something you expect to see in italy. reminds me a bit of fresno and the central valley. and it is very much the same quiet, desolate and somewhat suffocating flatness which pervades luchino visconti's movie 'ossessione' (obsession). i saw that movie a few years ago, before ever going to that part of italy and somehow the landscape marked me.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


nothing better to do on a rainy sunday than a little chiaroscuro. now the difficulty with this kind of image is precisely the contrast. not all textures work well with contrasted images. at least not my textures.
the original is a long exposure photo i took, laying down aside a very small waterfall, to capture the movement of the water.

whistler in canada

i'm a big fan of james abbott mcneill whistler's work. you all know the painting of this mother, i'm sure. well i like his other stuff, his work with light, in the same vein as turner. years ago, when i was a student in boston, i saw his Harmony in blue and silver. Trouville. i thought it was pretty modern for 1865. pale bleu and yellow, a guy standing there in a long coat and a boat in the distance. lonely, empty, peaceful. (you can see it here)

not too long, i came across it again online and i thought 'wow, i've got the perfect picture for this.' i had this beach shot which i took in canada a few years back. i think it was wasaga beach but i'm not 100% sure 'see below). again, i just created a couple textures for it and voilà.... whistler in canada!

going dutch

L'Orb - Béziers, France

this is one of my favorites. it turned out pretty good, like an old dutch master's painting.
and actually, it wasn't all that complicated to make. i wrote out a little tutorial here, if you want to know more about the process.
as you can see below, the original isn't great. again, i had just received my canon 7d and i took it out for a spin. i do like to take pictures on reflections like this; reminds me of the work of atget. but here, i went too late in the afternoon and i didn't get the result i wanted. but it turned out perfect for this project.

Friday, April 20, 2012


7 or 8 years ago, i went to bretagne (brittany, western france) for work. it was late in the summer. i don't remember which village i was in when i took this picture but the lights in the distances are of the brest harbor.
the original is pitch black (see below). i was trying out my new camera at the time and just placed in on a stone wall and set it for a seconds. i took the shot for the lights in the distance and their reflection. i was kinda peaved about the two little boats in front. but messing with the photo in photoshop, i realized that the boat in the foreground is actually the best part of the image.
i had to create a couple textures to obtain this old metal look.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

roses are red

i'm not much of a flower person; i leave them to old english ladies (no offense). the original photo is of fake silk flowers from a cemetery. check it out below. i dont even know why i took this picture as the bouquet is soooo ugly. but i did. needless to say, texturing did wonders. i might even make a postcard out of it now.


L'Orb - Béziers, France

the orb river runs through béziers, where i live. we seldom get snow here but it happens, 2 centimetres and everybody freaks out. so last time it 'snowed', i went out and took some shots. here is one of them (original below). nothing great but i simply  took it more for the record of the cold snap.
messing around, trying to bring out some contrast but not really succeeding,  i finally opted for a old photo look, like a daguerreotype.


Sérignan - France

i was taking a walk on the beach in sérignan, southern france, a summer resort about 10 km from where i currently live and i wanted to capture the late afternoon sky. the photo turned out pretty crappy (see below) but a little fly paper texture trick and voilà......