Wednesday, March 21, 2012

roses are red

i'm not much of a flower person; i leave them to old english ladies (no offense). the original photo is of fake silk flowers from a cemetery. check it out below. i dont even know why i took this picture as the bouquet is soooo ugly. but i did. needless to say, texturing did wonders. i might even make a postcard out of it now.


L'Orb - Béziers, France

the orb river runs through béziers, where i live. we seldom get snow here but it happens, 2 centimetres and everybody freaks out. so last time it 'snowed', i went out and took some shots. here is one of them (original below). nothing great but i simply  took it more for the record of the cold snap.
messing around, trying to bring out some contrast but not really succeeding,  i finally opted for a old photo look, like a daguerreotype.


Sérignan - France

i was taking a walk on the beach in sérignan, southern france, a summer resort about 10 km from where i currently live and i wanted to capture the late afternoon sky. the photo turned out pretty crappy (see below) but a little fly paper texture trick and voilà......