Sunday, July 1, 2012


nothing better to do on a rainy sunday than a little chiaroscuro. now the difficulty with this kind of image is precisely the contrast. not all textures work well with contrasted images. at least not my textures.
the original is a long exposure photo i took, laying down aside a very small waterfall, to capture the movement of the water.

whistler in canada

i'm a big fan of james abbott mcneill whistler's work. you all know the painting of this mother, i'm sure. well i like his other stuff, his work with light, in the same vein as turner. years ago, when i was a student in boston, i saw his Harmony in blue and silver. Trouville. i thought it was pretty modern for 1865. pale bleu and yellow, a guy standing there in a long coat and a boat in the distance. lonely, empty, peaceful. (you can see it here)

not too long, i came across it again online and i thought 'wow, i've got the perfect picture for this.' i had this beach shot which i took in canada a few years back. i think it was wasaga beach but i'm not 100% sure 'see below). again, i just created a couple textures for it and voilà.... whistler in canada!

going dutch

L'Orb - Béziers, France

this is one of my favorites. it turned out pretty good, like an old dutch master's painting.
and actually, it wasn't all that complicated to make. i wrote out a little tutorial here, if you want to know more about the process.
as you can see below, the original isn't great. again, i had just received my canon 7d and i took it out for a spin. i do like to take pictures on reflections like this; reminds me of the work of atget. but here, i went too late in the afternoon and i didn't get the result i wanted. but it turned out perfect for this project.